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Considerations When You Buy Timber


Important Factors to Consider When Purchasing Timber

Timber is a common building material as many people are familiar with it. However, you will need to have some knowledge before you buy it. In fact, there is a terminology used in the timber market that you need to understand. Below are the necessary factors you should consider when buying wood.

What Type of Wood Do You want and What Is the Timber’s Grade?

timber suppliesThe wood type you want should serve as a guiding factor when you buy timber. In this case, it’s recommendable that you ask the supplier for precisely the aspects you are looking for so that they can avail for you. Reliable suppliers will always have varieties regarding quality, colour and so on. Moreover, consider the grade before deciding on timber supply. Timber comes in different grades; the grades are usually indicated as grade one, grade two and so on. The grading considers the clearness of timber. Typically, clear timber has lesser knots on it. Grade one is the best, and the order of quality goes hand in hand with the wood’s grade.

The Measurement You Need and Are There Delivery Services

Wood size matters a lot when it comes to any construction. The sizes include the height, the width and most importantly the thickness of the timber product. The product purchased must fit in the position it’s needed to cover. The sizes also require uniformity for those heights of construction with similar requirements. Additionally, consider whether the timber supplier offers transport services. However, for those suppliers who transport timber to their clients, they are limited to specific areas. They also have a limit to which they can offer the service to you.

How Is the Timber Dried and How Many Varieties Are Available?

Drying of the timber is an essential aspect of its quality. There two primary drying methods: air drying and kiln drying. If you need wood that you will use immediately without acclimatising it in any way, then you should go for the kiln dried timber. The wood is characterised by very minimal shrinking once used due to lower moisture content. On the other hand, the air-dried product is easy to use. However, it has high moisture content and requires you to continue drying it to avoid shrinking after it’s already in use. It’s a common practice by many buffers to make their purchase or no deal decision based on few samples they see. However, to come up with a good choice, it will be preferable to view more samples through the online website of a supplier or visit the suppliers’ premises directly. This way, you will get to understand more about timbers. You also will also be able to make the right selection and order the best timber suited for the purpose you are planning to serve.

In summary, there is much significance to reach out to the potential timber suppliers for specific information on the timber they have in store. Good suppliers play a significant role in advising you on the best timber supplies you need for particular construction work.

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