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Guide To Choosing Wood Material

How to Choose Wood Material

Is picking the right wood for your project a daunting task? Well, it doesn’t have to be hard. Wood comes in various forms, and when choosing the ideal material for your project, there are some factors to consider.

wood materialDensity tells you the weight and strength of wood materials. It will determine whether you will use it for furniture or if it’s only suitable for paper manufacture. The texture will dictate the best finishing for the wood. So, the ideal wood material for you depends on what you want to use it for.

MDF vs. Particle Board

Not all furniture comes from wood. There are hardwood, softwood, and engineered wood boards. When in the market for timber, solid-wood are expensive, but the engineered formats such as particle board and MDF are affordable. So, which should you choose between MDF and particle board? Veneered MDF is made by combining wood fibres with an adhesive to create a strong wood board. The boards are in various thicknesses and grades. MDF boards are durable and have a smooth surface with straight edges. It is light and provides a perfect surface for painting. MDF is ideal for indoor furniture like cabinets and shelves. The downside of medium density fibreboards is the low resistance to water and high degradability.

On the other hand, particle board is mostly from waste wood particles pressed together. The addition of waxes, water-resistant, and dyes improves the quality of longboards. It is useful in making furniture. However, it is weak and can’t withstand screws. When used with water-resistant laminates, it can last long.

Melamine vs. Laminate

Melamine is a type of laminate used to cover furniture made from engineered wood. As much as melamine is a laminate, not all laminates are made from melamine. Using melamine on furniture gives it an attractive finish and makes it durable. Since solid-wood is expensive, it is cost-effective to use veneered MDF boards and add melamine. Laminates are made by blending paper with plastic and pressing them together to form a solid laminate sheet. The laminates are then pressed on the wooden boards for a clean finish.

Solid Grade Laminate vs. Laminated Chipboards

Solid grade laminate is a durable decorative laminate used for furniture in high traffic areas. They offer high water-resistance and are durable. Laminated chipboards are perfect for indoor furniture and items not used frequently because they wear easily.

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