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Oak Veneer vs. Solid Wood

The beauty of wood products is that no two types are the same, so it is important to understand the differences when selecting timber for various projects and pieces of furniture, as they all have varying advantages depending on requirements.

oak veneered MDFVeneered boards and solid wood are very popular products but have diverse qualities that should be taken into consideration before purchasing to ensure they are suitable and fit for purpose.

Oak Veneer

This is, in essence, a thin slice of hardwood that is often cut to less than one eighth of an inch in thickness and is traditionally used as a cover that is bonded or glued to a less expensive surface below in order to create a better look.

Underneath the veneer it is typical to find particle board or other cheaper wood products, and the technique is used to enable the design and construction of very attractive furniture but at a lower cost. Types of veneer include oak veneered MDF which is a popular choice, and with professional woodworking and furniture-making skills this type of item can look amazing and retain a beautiful finish. Because veneer is essentially a wood derivative it is possible to sand, stain and paint it, although it is important to work with a lighter touch than with solid wood due to the more delicate nature of the product.

Solid Wood

As the name suggests solid wood is just that – although there are still many variations and solid wood comes in softwood and hardwood varieties that can be stained, sanded, painted and varnished. Softwood will eventually show some wear and tear more quickly than hardwood which is more robust. However, both types have a lovely sheen and look and can be used for a range of items such as bookshelves, chairs, cabinets and bookcases.

Purchasing Quality Wood Products

For professional and amateur woodwork requirements, it is imperative that you buy good quality products from a reputable supplier who can also advise in detail on the best type of wood and this will guarantee a successful project. Theo’s Timber Ltd is an established timber merchant and wholesaler covering the Manchester and North West UK region. The company pride themselves on top quality products and customer service, and have a huge range of stock as well as being renowned as one of the most competitive timber suppliers in the area.


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