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Pallets to Patio Furniture

A collection of creative ways to turn pallets into striking and environmentally friendly furniture designs

Pallets are everywhere. Without pallets, our distribution industries and bargain basement supermarkets would be at a loss. Their sturdiness performs a useful role in getting our goods from A to B. Once they’ve been used, they are disposed of or recycled. Increasingly, the latter is commonplace. They may be used again and again on subsequent journeys to warehouses or supermarkets.

Thanks to the internet and the price of solid furniture, the pallets that carted your favourite drink are increasingly re-purposed as furniture. Instead of being used on another trip to and from the warehouse, they form part of bookshelves, tool racks, coffee tables, and patio furniture. It is gratifying to see how something mundane could be turned into a modern coffee table for your living room. Or as a shoe tidy in your utility room.

For our latest blog post, here’s a touch of inspiration, courtesy of YouTube and friends.

Over 100 Creative DIY Pallet Furniture Ideas

This cheap and cheerful clip is a collection of pallet furniture ideas. In other words, exactly as it says on the tin. From coffee tables to bookshelves and sunloungers, there are plenty of designs to fire your enthusiasm.

We also recommend any of The Instructables’ guides on building pallet furniture, such as this one created by The Sassy Sparrow.

How To Make A Clock From Pallet Wood Blocks

For a unique addition to your kitchen, office or study, this wall clock is a modern minimalist timepiece. The fact it is made from pallet wood blocks is enough of a talking point for visitors.

Instructions To Build A Doghouse With Pallets Step By Step

Even Rover or Fang could benefit from the wonders of recycled pallets! This clip is a step-by-step guide to making a dog kennel with the otherwise disposed of material.

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