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Plywood Uses in Construction

What Are the Uses of Plywood in Construction?

The construction industry is continually evolving, and there is a relentless search for better building materials. Over the years, there has been the development of building materials to overcome problems associated with traditional materials like wood.

Plywood for constructionPlywood is arguably the most popular material with significant contribution to the construction industry. Its vast applications and availability make it a famous material around the globe. Nowadays, a plywood supplier can provide various types of plywood suitable for your construction needs. Here are the inherent properties and applications of plywood in the construction industry.

Uses of Plywood

Plywood is a laminated product made from thin strips of wood bonded together to form strong and stable sheets. Due to its fantastic features, it has numerous applications in the construction industry. Let us look at the characteristics combined with the uses.

Strength and stability

Wood is usually prone to expansion and contraction due to the moisture in the wood, and that makes it unstable. Plywood is less susceptible to shrinkage and expansion. The cross graining also gives it uniform strength and reduces the chances of splitting.

Its strength and stability make it useful in structural applications. Plywood is used on floors, walls, roofing, and partitions. It also used in formwork and internal structures.

Impact resistance

During the manufacture of plywood, the thin strips of wood are laid in alternating directions. Therefore, the strength is distributed across the panels, increasing the tensile strength. Plywood is used in construction sites to withstand high impact without breaking.

The high impact resistance makes plywood suitable for concrete formwork and flooring in homes. You can also use plywood flooring in industrial buildings with heavy wear.

Water and chemical resistance

Plywood is treated during manufacturing to make it resistant to water and chemicals. In the construction industry, water and chemical resistance makes it ideal for concrete formwork and making furniture. Plywood is also excellent for outdoor projects like garden chairs, tables, decking, and benches.


A plywood supplier should have multiple types of plywood. They come in different decorative styles and thickness to suit various needs.

Plywood’s flexibility makes it better than wood in many applications. Since it comes in various thickness, it is suitable for panelling, curved formwork, and ceilings. Plywood is also perfect for furniture due to its decorative styles and bendability

Plywood is a versatile construction material with vast applications. If you need plywood for construction projects, Theo’s Timber Ltd is your go-to supplier. You will get different types of plywood for your construction.

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