Carcassing Square Edged

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Carcassing is a term used to refer to types of wood used for applications like making rooftop secure, floor joints and apportioned dividers. The kind of food that is used depends on the application, desired results and the qualities of the wood. Carcassing wood can also be defined as a type of softwood that is usually kiln dried and mainly applied in the construction industry. It can also be utilised in a wide range of applications, both internally and externally. In simpler terms, carcassing is used in load-bearing applications.

What Is Carcassing Square Edge?

Carcassing square edge timber is like any other carcassing wood with a square edge. The square edges are designed to make the wood easy to handle, store, transport and apply. The shape and design also make it incredible for load-bearing applications while standing out from other products. Various types of wood can be used in carcassing.

Types Of Carcassing Timber

There are several types of carcassing timber including roof battens, study work, treated stud work, sawn kiln-dried, treated sawn and treated regularized kiln. Each of the types features different dimension consistencies, ease of handling, strengths, applications and durability. Some styles are treated to protect them against fungal attack and to allow for more excellent stability.

Theo’s Timber Ltd

Theo’s Timber Ltd are your go-to timber supplier in Manchester and other areas throughout North West UK. We are a leading supplier of Timber with an incredible reputation in Manchester and beyond. Our company strives to provide some of the best and most durable solutions. With Theo’s Timber, you are guaranteed of quality, applicability, efficiency and durability. We also guarantee exceptional strength for the products that we provide. It is also worth mentioning that our products are easy to transport and safe to handle because of the round edges. Call us on 0161 834 6789 for your carcassing square edge options or send an email to We would be happy to assist you further.



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