Walnut MDF (3050 x 1220mm)

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Elegantly Finished Designs with Walnut MDF

The walnut veneered MDF from Theos Timber creates stunning designs thanks to its dark notes. If you want even darker surfaces, you can stain the surfaces according to need. The MDF boards pair well with other materials to deliver unique styles. It complements bright surfaces effortlessly. Besides the colour, the boards have a fine wood grain finish that adds simple elegance to your creations.

Our veneered MDF sheets attain the highest manufacturing standards, hence, ensuring your project is of premium grade. The material caters to a category of needs, including panel mouldings, furniture and cabinets. Browse our walnut veneer MDF catalogue to find the perfect product for your project. Our sheets are available in different sizes.

The Right Solution for Woodworking Projects

Why should you consider walnut MDF for woodworking? The product is created by glueing laminate veneers on both sides of a standard MDF core. Due to the use of real wood veneers, the surface has a distinct grain. The faces are also smooth, making customisation a breeze.

You can varnish, oil or wax the surfaces to suit design requirements. This trait makes the MDF sheets ideal for interior furniture. The core keeps the boards strong and stable, allowing you to use fixings with no problem.

Additionally, you can use iron strips on the edges to hide the core. If you plan to combine the material with another product, oak veneered MDF is an excellent alternative.

Buy Premium Walnut MDF Sheets

Walnut veneer MDF cuts easily. So, if the precut options are not suitable for your project, you can have the sheets cut to specific sizes. Our customer service is available around the clock to listen to your customisation requests. If you are working with veneered MDF for the first time, we can guide you on getting the best value from our products.

Contact us to order ash, oak or walnut veneered MDF to create durable and stylish projects. Browse our available MDF sheets by thickness or size.


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