Flexible Bending Plywood

Flexible Bending Plywood is a much more convenient and price effective material when compared to other wooden counterparts, due to its flexible nature and ability to retain different shapes and curves – making it ideal for use with furniture. Theo’s Timber provides top-quality Bending Plywood products to customers in Manchester and further afield across the North-west, aiming to always achieve the best in our service to you. We supply both ‘long grain’ and ‘cross grain’ orientations of the plywood in a variety of thicknesses to suit any need. Flexible MDF materials are also available for purchase from Theo’s Timber.

Bendy plywood is the perfect material for curvilinear products like children’s toys, boats and furniture. The finish though makes all the difference when it comes to the appearance. You can completely alter how an item looks with your choice of finish. The specific uses for bending plywood will determine the correct finish to apply.

Paint is a popular pick because it boosts the durability of the plywood. From paper-backed veneers to stain, you have several options for that brilliant shine on your products. We can give recommendations on the best finish options for your flexible plywood products.

Why Invest in Bending Plywood

The cost-effectiveness of plywood is one of its major selling points. With bending plywood, you get even more cost savings. Due to the flexibility of the wood, you don’t have to build skeletons for profiles just to achieve that curved look. Special equipment is also not required to bend the plywood. When working on a large project, you save considerable time by using bendy plywood. With the quality and reasonable prices that we offer at Theos Timber Limited, you can get your business or home renovation project superior products that guarantee returns on investment.

Why Us

Flexible plywood provides soft, good-looking finished goods but only if the material is right. This type of wood differs from traditional plywood due to its properties. The wood species used in its manufacture determines its durability and bending strength. Beech, pine and birch are common alternatives for making bendy plywood. Theos Timber Limited ensures that every material passes the highest quality standards to satisfy the diverse needs of our buyers. Our friendly customer support staff is available for any clarifications about our offerings.

Browse our cross-grain and long-grain bendy plywood options to find something suitable. Regardless of the project size that you are working on, Theos Timber Limited is the ultimate stop for superior standard bendy plywood.

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