Birch Plywood

What is Birch Faced Plywood?

Birch plywood is a type of plywood that is constructed using birch veneer as the exterior. Birch plywood is used for structural stability purposes, including heavy building materials such as flooring and roofing. The top layer of a birch plywood sheet will be birch veneer, which makes this material aesthetically more valuable than most other types of plywood.

There are different grades of birch plywood available. The top grade includes birch veneer with no knots, mineral streaks or voids. Lower grades are available for commercial construction projects where aesthetics are not as much of a factor.

Benefits of Using Birch Ply

There are many benefits to utilising birch plywood, including its natural aesthetic and durability. Birch is a natural wood which means it’s eco-friendly and the interior of the plywood sheet will be free from any additives or chemical smells commonly seen in other types of plywood. The exterior layer is made up of birch veneer, making it aesthetically pleasing with consistent strength and first class face finish.

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