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Selecting The Right Timber

Are you interested in finding solutions for all your timber needs? Do you know what to look for and where to start your search? If you have such questions then this article is for you. Timber is an interesting subject that only those with a passion for it understand it.

There are several variables involved when it comes to selecting the right timber. Read on to discover more details.

Choosing the Right Wood for a Project

cut to size timberApart from picking the correct cut to size timber, there is a lot more to factor in. First, you must establish the type of wood you need for it. There are different types of wood, ranging from chipboards to cut to size timber pieces. Once you know what your project needs, embark on finding quality material at a fair price.

Selecting Outdoor Timber

Knowing which timber works outside just by looking may not work. To decide, you need the services of an expert whose experience comes from being in the industry for a while. This is where Theo’s Timber Ltd comes in. Having been in the industry for a while, you can be assured of excellent cut to size timber, in addition to getting the right advice. To pick the correct timber for your outdoor projects, always involve experts with experience. Some of the best timber for such uses include:

  • Pine
  • Redwood
  • Cedar

Whatever you choose to go for depends on your needs, budget and preferences. Always talk to an expert to make an informed choice.

Categories of Timber

You may not easily tell that timber is categorised unless you get into the details. Usually, timber is categorized into three different categories. The most common are hardwood timber, softwoods, and sapwoods. Hardwoods have complex structures with pores, while softwoods are non-pored. Sapwoods have living cells with the ability to conduct water from the roots up to the leaves.

What about Weather Resistance?

It is not about going for any timber. One of the major considera9tions buyers make involves the ability of the wood to resist weather conditions. Your choice of timber should be made with this in mind. There are various types of natural weather-resistant wood types. They include black locust, ipe, teak, and bald cypress. Consider the weather conditions in your area when picking wood for a project. The last thing you want is to have the wood warp or rot because of your poor choice.

If you are located in Manchester and anywhere else in the North West part of the United Kingdom, then you know how significant timber is in households especially during the winter season. However, timber is not just a source of fuel. Maybe you need some building materials.

buying timberTimber has a vast category of uses. Some of them include:

  •  Source of fuel

The combustion of timber warms homes. The heat also cooks food, and warms water for domestic use. Timber can also be combusted to produce heat that powers boilers, which in turn heat water to produce steam, as well as create electricity by driving generators.

  •  Source of construction materials

Timber also transforms into lumber products such as firebreaks, rafters, beams, plates, studs, supports, and joists. These build ceilings, walls, and floors.

  •  Furniture

Timber used to make furniture can be in form of hardwood or softwood. Hardwood is heavier, more durable, and expensive. They include walnut, maple, and oak among others. Softwood is cheaper grows faster. They include cedar, pine, and spruce.

 Other Uses:

Timber also makes paper, pulp, boats, telephone poles, textile products, paints, gum, and many other products.

Now that you know what you need the timber for, what do you need to consider when you go to buy timber.

  • Type of wood – Before you purchase any wood for use, you need to consider whether you need hardwood or soft wood. Also confirm with your supplier if the timber is grade one or grade two.
  • Measurements – You must have specific size requirements when purchasing timber, especially for construction. This is the height, thickness, and width required. The wood you purchase must fit in the position intended.
  • The method used to dry the wood – the method used to dry wood is significant in the use of the wood. If you need timber for immediate use, then purchase kiln dried timber. If the timber you get is not for immediate use, then you can buy timber that is air-dried. It will require you to continue drying it so that it does not shrink after use.

With this in-depth information about timber, you can now purchase timber from a well-reputed timber supplier like Theo’s Timber Limited.

Benefits of choosing Theo’s Timber Limited

Theo’s Timber Limited will provide you with a wide range of wood and timber. If you need timber for construction, outdoor projects, accessorising /decorative projects, or wood for do-it-yourself projects, Theo’s Timber have you covered.

Our support service is friendly, honest and we will advise you on the best type of wood you need. Our timber specialists at the company have rich industrial knowledge that will provide you with expert service and quality products.

Choosing wood for a project is not difficult. Whether it is an indoor project or one that will be set outside, it is advisable to consult an expert first. Call our timber specialists on 0161 834 6789 for assistance or email with any enquiries.

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