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Sundeala Boards FAQs

Sundeala Ltd, a manufacturing company that is located in the South West of England, has been making boards from organic fibres since the 1930s and these products can be used in a range of indoor environments. Theo’s Timber Ltd, based in Manchester, have added Sundeala’s range of boards to their list of products.

sundeala boardsWhat are they?

Sundeala boards, manufactured at a production plant in the Gloucestershire village of Cam, are manufactured from recycled newspapers and can be used for a variety of purposes. These boards find widespread use in homes, hospitals, laboratories, offices, schools and universities. Boards that are made from recycled newsprint make less of an environmental impact than boards that are manufactured from cork, rubber and other unrecyclable materials.

How are they made?

An estimated 2,000 tonnes of used newspapers, gathered from local recycling centres, are pulped every year in order to create 200,000 Sundeala boards. An industrial hydro-pulper, present at the Glouctershire production plant, is used to turn the newspapers into pâpiér-mache that is of a specific consistency. Pulp, created by the mechanical processes of the machine and the addition of water from the nearby River Cam, is placed into moulds for pressing and drying. The boards, released from their moulds, are cut to their specific sizes and given a light sanding.

Are there different types of board available.

There are two types of environmentally-friendly board that are manufactured by Sundeala and these come in a variety of colours, shades and levels of thickness. The Sundeala Eco Board measures 2440mm in height, 1220mm in width and is available in a thickness of either 6mm or 9mm while the Sundeala Flame-Retardant Eco Board is treated with a Class B flame-retardant substance that meets European Harmonised Standards. Both the standard and flame-retardant boards are available in blue, charcoal, green, grey, lilac, red and wheat colours.

Where can these boards be bought?

Those interested in purchasing a board that is manufactured from recycled newspaper, including those with wooden or aluminium frames, may be able to find these products at hardware stores and timber merchants. Theo’s Timber Ltd, one of the leading suppliers of construction materials in the North West of England, sell a range of Sundeala boards alongside a range of quality timber products. Sundeala chalkboards, dry wipe boards with magnetic or non-magnetic panels and fabric-covered boards are available from these timber merchants.

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