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What Is Carcassing Timber and How Should It Be Stored?


The expression carcassing is typically used to allude to timbers prepared for use in primary applications, for instance, rooftop secures, floor joists and for apportioned dividers. Theo’s Timber has made all this accessible and an an extensive variety of sizes and lengths of timber that can be quality evaluated and treated with your necessities. If you need any of the timber, contact our nearby office. Also when contacting us when you need following;

  • Lengths more than 6m
  • Bigger segment sizes
  • Sizes do not appear on site
  • C24 Strength reviewing
  • Non-Standard Profiles (Firrings and so on.)
  • Machined or Sawn

Machined Carcassing

We keep supplies of machined carcassing, not forgetting CLS and regularised timber.

Visual Stress Grading

Our anxiety reviewed timber is either evaluated in the nation of the source to BS4978 or outwardly push assessed at our processing offices by our exceedingly experienced stress graders.

Oven Drying

The dominant part of our carcassing timber is furnace dried up to 20% or less dampness content by building directions.

Carcassing timbers are the ones utilized as a part of auxiliary applications, for example, rooftop joists or floor joists, encircling, studwork and divider allotments. There is a scope of qualities, sizes, strength and lengths of timber accessible relying upon your task. The timber is broadly available from foreign made or home-grown sources and is given treated with an additive or untreated. CLS and also the Canadian Lumber Standard timber is likewise available at our company. The timber kiln dried and then planned and completed for more exact measurements. Our variety of products and services at Theo’s Timber make it easy for the client to find exactly what they are looking for.

Other products offered in our company.

MDF is a built wood item made of softwood filaments stuck together under high weight and warmth. MDF is smooth and has no bunches and is machine capable. We can offer durable and dependable MDF, plywood and also chipboard for your DIY ventures, also our veneered sheets, veneered MDF boards and amazingly well produced veneered plywood, the OSB, birch plywood, standard reds, insufficient, mouldings, overlays, holding, latrine desk areas, tongue and notch chipboard, expansive press MDF and Plywood, whitewoods, Bendywood, quality redwoods, FR MDF standard, hardboards, and also outer MDF. products and services are available from Theo’s Timber such as Chipboard, Hardwood and Plywood etc.

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