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What Is Veneered Wood?

Veneered Wood and How it Compares to Solid Wood

Veneered wood consists of a thin strip of wood which is glued or bonded to cheaper, solid core panels. These panels may consist of plywood, particle board or MDF, but the wood strips on the outside can be made from a variety of natural woods.

Therefore furniture made from veneered wood is generally cheaper then items made from solid wood, yet has the same positive visual impact.

How is Veneered Wood Made?

veneered plywoodVeneered wood is produced by slicing very thin layers from a log, in comparison to solid wood which is acquired by sawing. The method used for solid wood will create more waste from the log, the thin strip methodology of veneered wood instead maximising the output from the log.

Advantages of Veneered Wood

  • The wood veneer sheets add stability and durability by protecting the veneered plywood, particle board or MDF core, making them less prone to warping then solid wood
  • By using veneered wood you obtain the aesthetics of natural solid wood but at more affordable prices, allowing you to improve the look of your home on a more manageable budget.
  •  Veneered wood offers a more uniform finish, making it easier to source similar products.
  • Veneered wood is a recyclable product which can be used to make more particle board and MDF.

Do I Still Get Quality With Veneered Wood?

As with solid wood items the quality of veneered wood depends on the quality of the natural wood used and also the quality of the substrate, including veneered plywood, which makes up the core. High end designers use veneered wood in their modern day design as it is functional, pleasing on the eye and provides a wood structure which offers a unique finish.

Is it Completely Natural?

The thin outer strips of wood and the core it is bonded to is natural and a good environmental choice. However it does require glue to bond together which can contain formaldehyde, although non-toxic glue alternatives are available on the market today.

Buying Veneered Wood

Theo’s Timber Ltd are timber merchants in Manchester who offer a broad range of timber products, including veneered wood, across the North West. You can find our range of veneered wood at Theo’s Timber to view samples of the different cuts available. With a breadth of experience, we can advise you and provide the right veneered wood solutions for your home, allowing you to experience the beauty of natural wood products at more affordable prices.

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