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The Wow of a Laminated Worktop

Why a laminated worktop works wonders in your kitchen

If there’s one thing that makes a statement about your home, it is that of a well designed fitted kitchen. Everything in one place; a coherent workstation; a niche for your nouveau cuisine; a crash pad for your kettle. Key to this is your worktop and we at Theo’s Timber do a good line of laminated worktops.

Laminated Worktop image by IceAlien (via Shutterstock).At Theo’s Timber, we offer laminated worktops in a variety of length and designs. Our laminated worktops come in three different lengths, with a plethora of patterns. These are available in matt, satin, gloss and glaze finishes. Whether you need enough worktops for a fully fitted kitchen or a worktop for your breakfast bar, we can be of help.

For each worktop, we have three price groups which are as follows:
Group A

  • Black Labrador (Satin);
  • Black Slate (Satin);
  • Blocked Oak (Matt);
  • Cream Stone (Smooth);
  • Grey Dust (Matt);
  • Natural Blocked Beech (Matt);
  • Natural Sandstone (Satin);
  • Onyx (Matt);
  • Patmos (Satin);
  • Pearl White (Satin);
  • Quartz (Satin);
  • Taurus Beige (Matt);
  • Walnut Butcher Block (Matt).

Group B

  • Black Slate (Gloss);
  • Jamocha (Gloss).

Group C

  • Bella Capri (Glaze);
  • Black Sirius (Glaze);
  • Italian Granite (Glaze);
  • Lunar Night (Glaze).

Our lowest price worktops come under Group A, followed by Group B (our mid-range lines) and Group C (for our top-of-the-range worktop designs). As well as the sizes we have available to hand, bespoke lengths are available on request.

If you have any further queries, why not give us a bell on 0161 834 6789 or email We would be delighted to hear from you.

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