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Benefits of Timber For Roofs

Leveraging the Properties of Wood for Roofing

Wood is a widely popular material for construction. The roof is one of the structural components of a building where the material is used.

Timber roof

Wooden trusses are some of the features in houses, both modern and traditional. From residential to commercial buildings, you can incorporate timber into any project. For years, builders have been capitalising on the various advantages that wood offers. Now, the evolution of manufacturing processes and allowed for timber merchants to provide buyers with a choice of products. If you are weighing the value of using timber for a roof, there are several justifications.


The biggest property that makes wood a preferred material for roof trusses and other parts is its weight. Wood weighs less than steel, which is the other material that is ideal for trusses. The material is strong enough to accommodate the stress that it has to bear but not too heavy that it exerts undue pressure on the rest of the building.

Design Versatility

The roof plays a significant role in determining the design of a building. Some commercial buildings even use the roof to incorporate the brand image. Wood makes it easy for builders to create unique designs because it is wildly versatile. With the modern capabilities that manufacturers have today, the material can be moulded into different shapes. If you are looking to construct an intricately designed building, then wood would make it less challenging than other materials.

Excellent Thermal Properties

Another upside that wood has over other materials is its thermal insulation abilities. A timber roof won’t allow heat to dissipate into the atmosphere, which makes the task for keeping a building warm less complicated. During construction, wood leave cavities that can be insulated thus, improving the energy efficiency of a building.

Cost Effectiveness

Cost is always a big determinant when putting up any building. A timber roof is one way to lower the costs of construction. Compared to steel, timber grows on trees as opposed to being engineered. Even when a roof is made for specially designed timber, it will still cost less than erecting a steel roof. There is also the ability of wood to blend in with other materials like concrete and steel, meaning that it can be used to offset some high costs in a hybrid roof.

When you decide to use wood on your roofs, you have to find timber merchants that can deliver quality products that satisfy your construction requirements. Theo’s Timber is an experienced and reliable supplier that deals in all kinds of wood products. We carry certified timer products from a wide variety of wood species and are available in Manchester and the North West.

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