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How Is Fire Retardant Wood Made?

Fire and wood are synonymous with each other; put together, they create firewood, a basic necessity in the cold season. However, fire is one of the significant intimidations to wood. When constructing, you want to ensure your safety is catered for. In Manchester and throughout the North West, UK, there are timber merchants and wholesalers for timber supplies, Theo’s Timber Ltd. We are very well versed in the trade and have years of experience. In this article, we explain how flame retardant MDF & Plywood is made.

flame retardant mdf plywoodWhat Makes Wood So Flammable?

When wood is increasingly heated at elevated temperatures, changes begin to happen in its molecular level structure, enhanced by an additional surge in temperature. Under the heat stimulus, wood quickly emits substances that eagerly react with oxygen, causing timber’s high propensity to kindle and burn.

Wood Treatment Against Fire

There are two main ways to treat wood against fire. Wood products can be coated and also infused with fire-retardant elements. However, coating alone only offers external protection. If the internal lumber was to be exposed, the product would go up in flames. Infusion with fire retardant chemicals reduces the flame spread significantly. For quality assurance purposes, products undergo random quality checks by representatives from third-party agencies. Specific certification is only granted if the wood products are infused, not just coated with fire-retardant chemicals.

Which Wood Is Fire Resistant?

Fire-resistant wood has been preserved with fire-retardant chemicals to create a product that battles ignition and meaningfully slows the spread of fire. Flame retardant MDF & plywood has an unrivalled defence record against smoke development, flame spread, rot, and decay. It is treated explicitly with elements that provide a physical barricade to flame spread. Fire-retardant wood must be fully incorporated with these chemicals and not just coated.

Best Place to Buy Your Timber Supplies

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