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How To Glue Veneer Plywood

Plywood veneer refers to a class of engineered wood that is used in several different types of woodworking projects. It’s possible to start wondering what exactly veneered plywood is, and why you would want to choose it as opposed to using hardwood. Below is a look at the most popular methods used to glue veneer plywood.

1. PSA Veneers

veneered plywoodIt’s possible to order the wood-backed veneers and the paper-backed veneers together with the stick adhesive and 3M peel.

The stick and peel adhesive stick well when placed on a varnished or painted surface that is not only clean but also smooth. Check whether the surface you want to veneer is already varnished or painted before you begin.

If it’s not, then you will need to start by applying several coats of varnish or paint. For you to get a superior bond, it’s best to coat the surface you want to veneer using one or two contact cement coats as opposed to two coats of varnish or paint.

2. Using Contact to Glue Wood Veneer

Contact cement can be used to glue down the wood-backed veneers and the paper backed veneers.

For this, you need to use two coats of contact cement on your veneer as well as two contact cement coats on the surface you would like to veneer. Allow the contact cement to dry in between the coats.

It should take between thirty to sixty minutes for each coat to dry properly. It’s possible to use the contact cement on bare MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard), plywood, and bare wood. It can also be used on a range of plastic laminates.

While some manufacturers claim that the contact cement they produce can be used on all painted surfaces, it’s always best to first run a test before you do anything else.

3. Using Carpenter’s Glue to Glue Wood Veneer

Woodworker’s glue can be used to glue down the wood-backed veneers and the paper backed veneers.

For this particular method, you will need to use the carpenter’s glue. It will also be important to apply pressure to the surface you have glued overnight using clamps.

Of the three methods discussed above, this is the best, although it may prove a bit difficult to employ, especially when dealing with bigger surfaces.

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