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Guide To Tile Backer Board Types

Tile backer boards play a significant role in supporting wall and floor tiles. Different backer boards differ in functionality, weight and size. When purchasing a tile backer board, choose the best one using metrics of availability, purchasing cost, transportation cost, board composition and functionality. Four types are described below.

Fibre Cement Board

cement based particle boardsThis backer board comprises of cement mixed with cellulose fibres and sand. Fibre cement board is heavy, which makes it difficult to move. This board has a surface area of 3×4 feet and a thickness range of a quarter inch and half an inch. Fibre cement board, though hard to cut, is brittle hence you should be careful while drilling nails. Its cellulose fibre reinforced structure strengthens floor to tile bond.

Glass Mat Gypsum Board

This backer board is easy to cut compared to cement boards. Its make-up comprises of water-resistant gypsum treated with silicone. Initially, the gypsum-silicone composition made water-resistant gypsum boards. Glass mat gypsum board, which has added fibre mats glass for reinforcement, made it a better alternative. Its lightness in weight eases installation and transportation cost. Glass mat gypsum board is moisture resistant and mould resistant, which makes it suitable for tiling in bathrooms or shower rooms.

Cement Based Particle Boards

Cement based particle boards have a make-up characteristic that deems them best among other tile backer boards. These boards are composed of cement mixed with reinforcing fibre and are additionally reinforced with wood flakes. Cement based boards are resistant to moisture absorption. These boards have a dominant ability to dry quicker than other backer boards hence making them most favourable for a bathroom setting or steam room. Cement based boards have high-level resistance to fire and sound. They are heavy but have a high load-bearing capacity that makes them befitting for floor, ceiling and wall tiles. Cement based boards are available at Theo’s Timber Limited. We offer economical prices backed up with good after-sale services. You can buy directly or order online to benefit from free delivery for larger orders or select a low-cost delivery for smaller orders.

Foam Backer Boards

Foam backer boards are lighter and easier to cut compared to other backing boards. Carrying six of these boards is equivalent to moving one similar-sized cement board. Their make-up comprises of Polyisocyanurate, which is waterproof. Foam backer boards, however, have a lower level of moisture resistance compared to cement-based particle boards.

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