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Getting Started with Timber Framing

Are you wondering what the benefits of getting started with timber framing when building your house’s structure are? Then this article is worth your time.

timber framingNowadays, homeowners and builders have realised the benefits of building their homes using timber frames sourced from reputable timber supplies companies. Timber frame helps boost your offsite fabrication quality and is also good in reducing the on-site building cost and time. That’s why getting started with timber framing is essential for both residential and commercial properties projects.

Benefits of using timber framing for your structure

Wood is one of the most practical building materials that gives you numerous benefits when framing your structure. Here are some of the benefits.

  • Timber is robust, flexible, and sturdy.

Using timber as a frame material gives your structure a unique and strong characteristic even on a weak foundation. When timber bends slightly, it does not lose any strength or shift the foundation. That’s why timber framing guarantees the stability of a structure. When a professional technician does timber frame, they ensure the timber remains strong by carefully crafting mortise and tenon joints, ensuring the frames have maximum stability.

  • Timber is a renewable resource.

Unlike using other framing materials, which release a toxic chemical to the environment, wood is natural, and its preparation does not release toxic gases to the environment. Besides, ageing the wood naturally does not emit dangerous by-products that have serious effects on the environment. The by-products of wood during framing can substitute coal and fossil fuels that harm our ecosystem with a massive release of carbon to the atmosphere.

  • Less time and cost-efficient

When you purchase your timber supplies from reputable timber framers, the products are test fitted. That means you will use less time to fix your structure. It also helps you avoid the long delays caused by bad weather and individual delays due to wet concrete. Within a few days, your structure will be complete and ready for any internal decoration. Also, using timber framing in your construction is more cost-efficient and durable.


There are many benefits of using timber frame in your structure. If you are looking for reputable timber merchants in Manchester and throughout the North West, UK, Theo’s Timber Ltd is the ultimate choice. Our timber products are of high quality and have a great finish.

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