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Different Types of T&G Chipboard

While T&G chipboard is not as sturdy as timber, it has numerous beneficial properties. It is denser, economical and displays excellent uniformity, making it an ideal flooring option. Its unique features and versatility have various applications, from making furniture and cabinets to flooring and general building work. Let us look at T&G chipboards and the different types available.

T&G ChipboardWhat Is T&G Chipboard?

T&G chipboard is from sawdust compressed and bound together with resin to produce a smooth but strong product. Most people prefer T&G chipboard flooring due to its quality performance. The T&G (Tongue and Groove) added to the chipboard sheets’ sides make them easier to fit on floor surfaces. Since the chipboard panels lock tightly, you will achieve a tighter fit across the floor than other wood products.

What Are the Types of T&G Chipboards and Their Uses?

When looking for T&G chipboard flooring solutions, Theo’s Timber Ltd provides quality material for your needs. Whether you want chipboards for DIY projects or building work, you can choose from the three types of chipboards available at Theo’s Timber Ltd.

The chipboard is from compressed fine pieces of wood layered with glue to the desired density. The density determines the particleboard’s strength, hence the classification into standard, moisture resistant and T&G chipboard. Moisture-resistant chipboards use moisture-resistant glue instead of the regular glue in standard chipboards. The particleboard is essential in making furniture, kitchen cabinets and bathroom shelves.

T&G chipboard flooring is the highest density particleboard that is sturdy enough for use in hardwood flooring or under laminate. You can also use it in bathrooms and kitchens due to its moisture-resistance and polished look. Apart from your home, T&G chipboard floors are also useful in commercial buildings. The chipboard can stand the test of time, even in high traffic areas, and the materials are fire-resistant.

Why Should You Choose T&G Chipboards From Theo’s Timber Ltd?

T&G chipboards are an economical flooring option compared to other wood flooring options. Besides, it is environmentally friendly since it is a product of recycled wood products. Theo’s Timber Ltd has extensive experience providing the best flooring options and adheres to the highest manufacturing standards.

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