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What Is Plywood Used For?

Common Uses of Plywood

What is plywood?

Plywood is an engineered wood-based material made from several fine layers of wood veneers attached. The thin sheets (usually three millimetres thick) are sliced from tree logs (pine, beech, birch) that have been dipped in hot water and passed through a lathe machine. The plies are then glued together (usually three or more sheets) to form a rigid panel, the plywood.

What is plywood used for?

Types of PlywoodThe standard size of plywood is 4 feet by 8 feet, making it practical for building projects. Plywood’s durability, strength and stability from cracking have made it one of the most preferred construction options and other project ideas.

Common uses of plywood include:

  1. Flooring and roofing

Plywood’s low-cost price serves as the ideal ceiling option, roof sheathing or obtaining quality hardwood floor designs. Although water-resistant, it is advisable not to install plywood in the bathroom and kitchen floors.

  1. Exterior and interior wall

To achieve a desirable finish on panelled plywood walls, apply a fresh coat of paint on the exterior to protect it from natural elements like the sun.

  1. Packaging and transportation

You can use plywood to assemble crates for packaging goods. You can also place it at the bottom of containers to support fragile items or when transporting animals in trucks.

  1. Furniture

Due to its flexibility, plywood is suitable for various furniture projects e.g. tables, chairs, bed frames, and kitchen cabinets.

You can also apply DIY creative plywood furniture ideas such as:

  • Fold-down plywood desks in limited space
  • Plywood nightstands
  • A folding dressing area (mostly in studio apartments)

The list of plywood applications is endless. Other areas you may have come across plywood include:

  • Flooring on children’s playing grounds
  • Traffic signs
  • Exterior decks of homes
  • The flooring on trains, buses
  • Skateboard ramps

Where to get plywood

Different types of PlywoodVisit Theos Timber Ltd for your number one plywood suppliers in Manchester. We are a wholesale merchant supplying timber in Manchester and throughout North West, UK. Our broad range of timber makes us a renowned company in expertise and supply of high-quality timber for all your project needs.

Other ranges of timber available in Theos Timber include:

  • Chipboards
  • Melamine-faced boards
  • Hardwood timber
  • Medium Density Fibreboards (MDF)
  • Oriented Strand Board (OSB)

Benefits of choosing Theos Timber Ltd

  1. Free delivery on purchases above £300 (plus VAT) in Blackburn, Bolton, Manchester, Oldham, and Stockport.
  2. Great customer service guaranteeing customer satisfaction.
  3. Environmentally conservative – Theos Timber is FSC certified to ensure the timber is supplied from certified locations only.

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