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Laminate Woods for the Terrified

The uses of laminate wood and its types

Laminate wood is a most popular kind of timber product. It is used on floors and furniture, including table tops. There are various styles, including wood grains and foil colours. At Theo’s Timber, we cover two brands: the Fundamentals range by Formica; and the Altofina range of laminate woods.

Laminate flooring
If you visit their website, Altofina has a wealth of colours and wood grain effects. They have plain colours, wood effects, metallic foils, and abstract pattern foils. With metallic foils, aluminium, gold, pewter, and steel effect are part of their catalogue. Abstract effects echo stonework patterns, as well as linen styles.

Altofina has a wealth of wood effects in their catalogue. These include laminates in Ash, Oak, Walnut, and Wenge wood effects. Their range of coloured foils include bright reds and blues as well as black, whites, and greys.

Fundamental by Formica

Formica is probably the most famous manufacturer of laminate coating in the world. Their Fundamental range covers a variety of colours, texture styles, and wood effects.

Why would I use laminate woods?

If you are building a fitted kitchen or laying a new floor, it is a cheaper and flexible alternative form of timber product. A laminated wood worktop is a cheaper alternative to a marble top – and a lot lighter to handle as well.

For flooring, it is a suitable alternative to linoleum or tiles in the kitchen. In the living room and bedroom, a nice change from the carpet. As well as grandiose tasks, laminate wood is good for modest projects. For example: Formica has been a popular timber product for table tops and wall panels.

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