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MDF Wood Trade Terms Explained

In the following post, we will aim to explain some common MDF wood trade terms, for anyone not from the same industry or not yet familiar with them.

What is MDF?

MDF woodMedium Density Fibreboard (MDF) is a wood product. It derives its name from its distinction from other types of fibreboard on account of its density. It is produced by breaking down the residuals of soft or hard wood into wood fibres which are then subjected to high temperature and pressure after mixing them with a resin binder and wax. Its applications are similar to that of plywood but MDF is denser and more aesthetically appealing than plywood. There are commonly used trade terms associated with MDF, depending on the application and the conditions the various types of boards are used in.

The Standard MDF

The standard MDFs are general purpose boards suitable for use in dry conditions. They typically have an average density of about 700 Kg/m³. They are very popular because of their strength and smooth surface. They are easy to sand and they work well with most adhesives and paints. They are therefore very versatile in terms of the use to which they can be put, which makes them very ideal for use in a wide variety of building projects.

Trade and Ultra-Light MD

Trade MDFs are lighter than the standard MDFs with an average density of about 625 Kg/m³.Ultra-light MDFs are even lighter at an average density of 520 Kg/m³ but both MDFs are suitable for use in dry climatic conditions for general purpose joinery. They generally have simple designs with minimal profile.

Moisture-Resistant MDF

In humid climatic conditions, the moisture resistant MDFs are the fibreboard of choice. They contain moisture-resistant repellent which make them suitable for use in high humidity environments. They work very well with most adhesives, paint and veneers which make them easy to fix with glues and screws. Typically they have an average density of about 720 Kg/m³ and like the lighter boards they are easy to sand and to cut into various shapes and forms. They are useful for general purpose joinery and are commonly used in areas such the kitchen, laundry, bathrooms and boiler rooms.

Exterior MDF

Exterior MDFs are general purpose boards suitable for use in exterior conditions. They have an average density of 770 Kg/m³ and they do well in most climatic conditions. They are suitable for use in architectural mouldings such as skirting and architrave where they can be used to frame the doorway, panel or window. They can be designed with advanced deep routed profiles and painted finishes.

Veneered MDF

They are thin layers of decorative wood used to cover base materials so as to give the effect of solid wood and give it a high quality finish at a lower cost. Theos Timber Limited utilises solid timber for our Veneered MDFs. We are reliable timber merchants and wholesalers of timber in Manchester and the entire North West of the UK. We have a wide selection of veneered MDFs and other plywood options in a range of styles and colours.

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