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OSB Board Care & Maintenance Tips

OSB stands for oriental strand board. This material is not popularly used in construction. This is primarily because of its unattractive appearance. It is also difficult to paint OSB surfaces. These boards can be painted, but this will cause some issues.

OSB board First, it will not have a smooth texture, no matter how hard you sand it. You may also need to use more than two coats since the open strands will quickly absorb paint. OSB board also gets damaged easily in places with a lot of moisture. It is important to care for your OSB board surfaces if you want them to last for a long time.

Here are some tips to help you maintain the OSB board surfaces:

  1. Apply Primer

Applying primer may be optional when using other surfaces, but it is extremely important when painting OSB boards. This undercoat will help the paint to stay attached to the surface for longer periods. The OSB material will also be protected from damage if you use a primer before painting it. It is advisable to use two coats of an oil-based primer for the best results.

  1. Avoid Moisture

If well constructed, the OSB board should be able to resist some moisture in the early periods. However, over time, the material can get damaged by excessive moisture. It will bloat and get disintegrated, making it essentially useless. To reduce the possibility of water damage, you should make sure the material is constructed with resins and waxes. Also, avoid using the material for the flooring since such areas often get wet. Generally, you should try to keep OSB surfaces dry.

  1. Take Care of the Edges

The edges of OSB surfaces are highly porous. This is why you need to especially keep them free of moisture. Also, apply sealant to the edges to prevent the absorption of moisture.

  1. Sand Regularly

A good way of controlling instances of water damage is to sand the OSB surface. You should note that this only works when just a little moisture has been absorbed into the material.

OSB surfaces are infamous for their ugly appearance. However, they can be highly functional if well maintained. You should make sure you keep the surfaces away from water and moisture since these elements can make the board bloat and disintegrate. In case the surface absorbs some moisture, you can sand it to prevent damage. If you choose to paint the surface, make sure you apply primer. It is important to always buy your OSB board from reputable manufacturers like Theo’s Timber Limited. This particular timber supplier serves people in Manchester and all of the North West, UK. They have been around for a very long time, so you can be sure that their OSB boards are very high in quality.

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